Convert your space
into a cutting-adge wellness spa

Its dry floating system allows ZEROBODY™ to be used anywhere to reduce physical and mental stress, relax the muscles and provide an energy boost for improved  personal, business and athletic performance.

A few of the possible applications of ZEROBODY™ are listed below.
If you would like to receive more information on ZEROBODY™ and how to use it in your space, contact us: we’ll discuss the best solution for your space with you.

In your business

improve your colleagues’ working performance

Cut costs linked with stress and illness!
Bring ZEROBODY™ to your business and promote awareness of psychophysical wellness among your employees.


A floating session with ZEROBODY™ takes only a few minutes:  regenerate before or after a difficult meeting in the same amount of time as a coffee break.

In your home

create a personal space
for everyday well-being 

As lifestyles evolve, ways of interpreting the home are also changing: the trend is toward pampering yourself with a home spa.


ZEROBODY™ can make all the difference, combining elegant design with practicality: it is there ready to use at any time, and its small size makes it easy to install in the home.

In your hotel

offer guests a “dry spa” in their suites

Introduce your guests to a new concept of wellness.
The small size of the mattress means ZEROBODY™ can easily be added to your hotel’s spa or master suites.


And, while waiting for a connecting flight, an airport lounge becomes a “dry spa” in which to pamper passengers: with ZEROBODY™, it will only take passengers a few minutes to relax and get over jet lag.

In your sports facility

improve athletic performance with pre- and post-competition floating sessions

Handling stress is just as important for athletes as physical training.

Offer your athletes the opportunity to use ZEROBODYbefore a competition: the combined effect of floating and mindfulness improves the brain’s predictive abilities, allowing athletes to be perfectly lucid during competitions.

Post-competition floating sessions help release adrenaline.